Kumkum Bhagya 20 Sep full episode online HD Zee TV

 The upcoming episode of serial Kumkum Bhagya show Zee TV is going to be very threatening in which you will see the goons opening their mouths from which Riya's Sach Sab Koli will talk to the family about their sorrows due.

 to giving atta. Hoi does and says no I want to be the number one daughter-in-law for my family why do I want to see my family I am the best daughter-in-law yes guys all this Sankar Pallavi is.

 quite a shock. Love asks Paur if he is telling the truth even then Aaliya says to Barfi you know these goons want to fight with us that's why they are talking even then they goons tell Aaliya to.

 replace you with us. Is. ne Ham per chori ka ilzaam lagaya tha aur wahi ilzaam Ham Aapne Sar Hatane Aye Hain Ji Han Doston Tabhi Prachi UN gundon se Kahati hai What kind of theft are you.

 talking about? They are thieves, we don't want any bloodshed here, so give them each to us and we will leave here quietly, even then Aaliya says to the UN goons, I will not give you anything, I will .

 take anything from you, I don't have any. Then Pallavi says to Alia, give it to the people, you are not looking, these people have guns in their hands and it is difficult to shoot anyone. Kaharu.

 hai vesa karo kya dostu Aaliya she will give necklace jewelery to UN gangsters aap logon ne us bhitana hai kyunki drama serial one more twist you will see why ki meghna aap nahi jaegi. Meghna.

 will come to know that Rhea has raised her hand on my brother, then Meghna will go to Ranveer and Aaliya will tell Ranveer the truth about Rhea because Ranveer is in a big misunderstanding and you will see this misunderstanding very.

 soon. Ranveer will understand and Riya's truth will be revealed, then he will be seen joining hands with Prachi and apologizing. So confused about Ko but now Ranveer's confusion is going to clear again Prachi and Ranveer are going to be one and you guys will see very soon.

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