Kumkum Bhagya 22 September full episode online HD

 The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya is going to be very interesting as Shahana is going to go to Prachi and says to Prachi I have seen Riya in a very angry mood and Palvi is also very

serious with her. No, don't talk to Riya, you are.

 in heaven. Riya is always upset about Ranveer. Riya thinks that Ranveer loves me, even then Shahana says to Ranchi, Riya is being treated like Prachi. Loves why don't you think Ranveer loves.

 you then Prachi says to Sahana if Ranveer loves me then he won't let me marry Sid but Ranveer never married me. Yakin kar Lon Shahana Ranveer shouldn't have said that to me you are a paradise. I was.

 so sad when Ranveer asked me to leave here and Palvi is also very angry with the world. And Sid was cheating. You see Logon, Keonki Pallavi can't see Prachi with Ranveer anymore, every


 time she sees Prachi with Ranveer, she gets very angry. Keonki Pallavi likes Prachi. It's true that Ranveer can't be without Prachi. He has also told Prachi but Prachi doesn't believe what Ranveer says.

 and tells Ranveer I don't want anything from you Ranveer please leave me Prachi Ranveer. He says if this continues then you will never be happy even with Syed then Prachi says to Ranveer.

 what do you mean by my happiness anyway Ranveer you have given me so much pain which I will never see it was your heart but Tum mera vishwas to dia hai then ranveer say to.

 prachi mera bhi to vishwas tuta hai because you never told me the truth if you were pregnant you should have told me this is happening not by your voice today i am I will lose you from your.

 mouth. If you consider me as your own, you would tell me about your child's nakedness, but I don't think you can see me. I was crazy about you and always will be

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