Kumkum Bhagya 23 September 2022 full episode online HD

 The upcoming episode of serial Kumkum Bhagya show Zee TV will be very interesting in which you will see Prachi talking to Riya. You will be very happy with the marriage because Ranveer is happy in such a marriage too. Ranveer.

 also wants you to stay on the set. Aaliya also says to Prachi whether you like it or not, nothing will happen because you are the one who will make your decision, you have a chance or an FIR. You.

 can leave this house or you can marry Syed. Yes, friends. Prachi says to Riya, I will not leave this house and I will listen to Pelvi and I will marry Syed, that too with Ranveer. Why I don't care.

 what you say Riya whatever you do I don't care about you friend Ranveer Prachi will be married to Sid You will be in Logon Comment Sekesh I have to speak Rinki, I am not interested in you


 anymore, you are no longer what I like and what I used to like, Prachi, you have changed. Degi will also say to Arge that it's good that you told me on time, otherwise I don't know what I was.

 thinking. You cleared my misunderstanding. I haven't seen you since. I do it and on the other hand Riya is also going to look very happy because Prachi is getting engaged. Tears are coming to her eyes, why is Shehana not.

 happy with her marriage, so Sehana feels very guilty whenever she sees her affair with Sid, and this is seen in the serial Dega Aap, in which Meghna again. When Kohli enters the house, they see, they see, Riya's senses are about to fly, because.

 Meghna is away from Riya and Aaliya's goons and Siddha is in a house, very soon she will see Riya and Aaliya. Why Meghna is now going to write Riya and Bujhi's truth along with all Koli family members

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