Kumkum Bhagya 25 September full episode online Hd

 In Kumkum Bhagya Show Zee TV you guys are going to see Prachi has challenged Riya and Riya has spoken to her. . Ranveer is heartbroken for Prachi, when Prachi is going to talk to Ranveer.

 in Ranveer's room, Ranveer says to Prachi, what are you doing here? . I have seen love, now I want to listen to you from me or friends even then Ranveer should say to Prachi that I have no.

 love for you, Prachi, if I loved you even a little, I would not have allowed you to marry Sid. Talking about marrying Jee Haan, friends, now Prachi is also angry with Ranveer, Prachi.

 has also thought that I don't want Ranveer now. When Ranveer has rejected me, then I also have to deal with it now. Hahi when Riya and Aaliya say to Prachi that I think you still love Ranveer


 then Prachi says to Riya how many times have I told you now Ranveer and I have no relation I don't know anything. I will get married to Syed, so I will also leave here, so please stop bothering .

me and Vikram from traveling the world, when he sees his son Ranveer in a drunken state, he is very worried and with his son Ranveer himself. Look what you have made yourself into if you are.

 not happy with your marriage then you can tell me there is nothing to keep in your heart even then Ranveer has to say to himself, father does not learn to tolerate anything. The baby in.

 Prachi's stomach is not mine, it is Siddharth's, so I am very sad, that's why I told Prachi that I don't love you. The truth is, I am a dog in Prachi's bag. What to do now nothing is in my hand and tell you mother is in heaven.

 mother is also supporting siddharth whatever is happening today prachi is upset if prachi uses me then about the child today We don't see this day, I don't know what the time pass is with me

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