Kumkum Bhagya 25 September full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Prachi decides to marry Siddharth, but Ranveer loves Prachi so much that he does not allow Prachi to do so. karungi ine sab Musibato Se Dur Chali Jaoungi When Siddharth finds out that Prachi is ready to.

 get married, he tells Prachi that he has to talk to me about something urgent, Prachi tells Siddharth before he starts writing. Siddharth says to Prachi that I don't want to marry you, I consider you as mine, I want to see you and Ranveer.

 always happy, I can't do this marriage, he talks to Prachi politely. Riya and Aaliya did not force me to lie per un don ne kidnapped my sister still my sister is with Aaliya and Riya she wants me to.

 marry each other their way Saaf Ho Jaaye Kahati Hai Ki Main Aapse Shaadi Karunga tab Hi Meri Bahan Ko Ho Mujhe Dengi Prachi uski baton per yakin nahin karti Prachi tells all this to Ranbir. Riya has their word, even Jakar.

 can't keep his word. He goes to Ranveer and Prachi for a one-time FIR. He doesn't say that I am telling the truth. Well, my sister Aaliya and Riya are with Ranveer. They say we should go with Siddharth and see if Siddharth


 is telling the truth. Siddharth takes Prachi and Ranveer to Riya's room. Alia goes to Alia's room. Someone has been alone. They give Siddharth's sister a good cover of the bed. When Prachi and Ranveer go to Priya's room, nothing.

 happens. Here, Tab Prachi and Ranveer leave, Aaliya and Rhea call Siddharth inside and say to Siddharth that we promised you that you will not tell anyone, you are Ranveer and all Prachi, not Tab Siddharth lies that I am Ranveer.

 and Prachi. Riya and Aaliya talk to Siddharth one by one. She says if you don't tell anything to anyone. They won't leave your sister alive. Siddharth is forced to do so. Siddharth also tries to be their bully. He goes to Riya and.

 Aaliya's room and talks to them in a way that angers Shanghar Sukkur. He is released and Siddharth is making a video on his mobile. Alia and Riya don't know that Siddharth wants to prove himself. He makes this.

 video against Alia and Riya and shows it to Ranveer and Prachi. And I have to say that only they have my point. Prachi and Ranveer say that we do not agree on anything of yours.

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