Kumkum Bhagya 26 September full episode online HD

 In the story of serial Kumkum Bhagya show Zee TV you will see log Prachi is quite confused because Ranveer Bar Prachi with Syed says if I prepare for marriage with Prachi you won't be interested in bora se ne lange rantab koi.

  too  Why would I feel bad because Sid knows that Ranveer and Prachi love each other a lot, in fact Sid likes to see Prachi and Ranveer together but in Riya's voice, Sid is going to marry Hori.  Aaliya.

 is very happy because of this, Riya tells Prachi naked and says to Aaliya, Prachi can do anything for the happiness of the house. Why, I have talked to Prachi.  I want to see the family happy. If Pallavi's.

 happiness is in ISI, I will make her happy.  She is saying that this marriage cannot take place, then Pallavi reaches her and says to Deedar that she will be married if you have any masala, then tell me


 why there is no Prachhi and Prachan has told me that even Sankar Tetar is enough.  She gets confused and goes to her son Vikram and says nothing is happening theak see you know your.

 son Ranveer Prachi Karna.  Further, Vikram also tells his mother Dayan that we all know that they love a world very much, but why both of them do not understand this, they should also.

 understand that before writing a world, do not remember a person.  He is doing it but he loves Prachi somewhere in his heart and I know it very well. Mother says to Ranveer if Ranveer loves Prachi.

 then why should he marry. He wants to stop this marriage but Ranveer.  He is very happy with his marriage and Vikram talks to his mother, "Sometimes what we see is not reality."  You will see mother

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