Kumkum Bhagya 27 September full episode online HD

Kumkum Bhagya show Zee TV.

Drama Prachi gets scared and says that you are still doubting me like Hamisha. The habit of doubting will never end. Kai bar ho bhi chachi hoon Tabwoo tells Ranveer that this number is bothering me Ranveer says if this new number is.

 bothering me when I was about to ask you. Why did you lie? Friendship was on the phone. Prachi says I don't need to clean anyone. I'm not heavenly. I didn't do anything. Mana number has to be changed. Larka keeps calling and.

 the number is muscle band. He tells Alia and Riya. Go to Prachi's house, go before Ranveer comes to the office, wait for you to stay there for a while. And he starts talking to Prachi like that, he calls for Prachi's hand, then Ranveer.

 goes there one by one. Ranveer gets angry seeing all this. Nothing has been done and I am not like this, Janati whalrka is saying that Prachi is not calling me. We don't party together. Prachi is crying a lot. Prachi says to Ranveer that I didn't do.

 anything like that. Ranveer says that you have lied to me once when the phone came. Even then, you didn't tell the truth and you are still telling lies. Well, you are a girl. I won't talk about hello. He tells Prachi that it's time for ISI, leave.

 the house. Karki tells about the whole scene, Aaliya and Riya are happy with Don, their work is done, Prachi is crying and says where will I go, Ranveer says to Prachi, I have to tell you now, it is too late. Parchi tries hard to talk to.

 Ranveer, but Ranveer is not ready to listen to Prachi. You are cheating with Ranveer lavishly, you think Prachi can do something like that, Prachi loves you so much, she will never do that. No, no, Shahana says do you still have the courage


 of Sabot? Shahana hangs up the phone. There is a king. Everything comes to know the truth. Suhana says first of all I have to do something. Ranveer Prachi left the house and I have to do something. But while making the video, she.

 tells Alia and Riya that I know about it, I want to hear from you, Alia says we have done all this, not us, we are both alive, to your sister and Ranveer. We don't have to be one. It's a game. As soon as you see everything, Ranvee.

r will leave your sister. She makes this whole video. Shahana. Send this video to Ranveer. Veer yah video. Dekhkar bahut. Goes to talk, Prachi says I don't want to be with you anymore, you don't feel alone with music. Ranveer apologizes.

 to Prachi. He says that it will never happen again. Prachi is not agreeing. Prachi says that now I will not stay here. Even then Shahana's call comes to Prachi. She tells Prachi that you should not do this. This time forgive Ranveer. They.

 get together and they are very happy. Aaliya and Riya can't do what they want. Aaliya and Riya get upset. Riya cries a lot and says to Aaliya that you can't do anything. Tara, you always give me false comfort. You are.

 always doing this, till today you have never done anything that made me happy. Seeing Prachi and Ranveer happy, she gets very angry. Riya says to Alia that now I will do whatever I want

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