Kumkum Bhagya 28 September full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, it happens that Riya is not pregnant. She lies to all the family members that I am pregnant. Pallavi tells Riya that it is not with Ranveer.  Hey, let's go to the hospital and get your check-up.

 done. Are you and your baby okay? It's not the same. Aaliya and Riya Don get worried. She is not pregnant with Kriya. What should we do now?  Hoga jisse Palvi Tumhen Hospital nahin karna Ja sake vah Donon Milkar Ek .

Aaliya says to Riya that you are going to fall from the top so that we will see that you are scared by the sound of falling.  The plan is done. Priya falls from the top. All the family members take them to the hospital.  She says all the family .

members get very worried. Aaliya tells all this to Ranveer. Ranveer tells Prachi. Prachi says it is like Riya, my excuse is that we have to go to the hospital now. Prachi and Ranveer go, all the family members are very worried.  ISI comes to Riya, all the family members are.

 in awe of her. Riya tells Ranveer that you will not steal me now  Jav Prachi tells Ranveer that you don't know Riya.  As we go, we will stay with everyone, Riya becomes very happy and says that my lie was also saved and Ranveer also went to me, but Aaliya and Riya


 use their own names, Riya gets angry, Prachi is the first.  They say that now we have to take care of Prachi a lot, this happened to a daughter-in-law, now it will not happen to the world daughter-in-law, everyone in the family takes care of Prachi a lot.  Forget what you.

 have done with us. Seeing all this, Riya says to Aaliya that what have we done, we have taken this step and patiently laid back why now Prachan.  She is going to make them happy, she tells Aaliya that I didn't want to do this, this lie just wanted to continue for some more days.  It was.

 your plan, I always tell lies from your voice, Ranveer says that now I will divorce Riya, I will divorce Prachi and my child, we will be happy.  He wants to, he says that I will divorce Riya and remove all the misunderstandings of Prachi.  She remembers that we.

 kept that dupatta in Ranveer's room. She goes to Ranveer's room to take her dupatta.  So they are the divorce paper. Riya gets upset after seeing the divorce paper. She says that this Ranbir must have been made for me. Then she gives the divorce paper. She tells me everything.  Rahe.

 hai Aaliya says that whatever happens we will not be like this. When Ranveer sees the divorce paper, there is no per divorce paper.  Jati says what happened, why are you bothering her, Ranveer, how is Prachi, nothing, nothing, Ranveer is talking to the lawyer, using it again.

 to make divorce papers, Riya eats, everything is happening in Prachi 's voice.  Hai main prachi ko nahi choro gi riya gase mein goes to prachi and says to prachi that all this is happening with your voice, you are acting to be good and you don't know me.  Wapas I Ho Taki you are taking me to leave the house with Prachi, then she goes to Pallavi.  Rahana is disgusted to see this 

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