Kumkum Bhagya 29 September full episode online HD

Kumkum Bhagya update episode.

 belong to me then I don't live in the house anymore. Aaliya says are you crazy, just think about it, you will stay in the house. Aaliya understands Riya that Moka will get Ranveer and Prachi separated. Riya agrees to stay in the house. Riya says to Alia that what should we.

 do so that Ranveer doesn't leave the house. Alia says to Riya that you have to go to Palvi, you have to cry, you are my friend. I will have to act with Pallavi. Maybe Pallavi will go to me. She won't let you leave the house. Rhea goes to.

 Pallavi. She starts crying in front of Pallavi. She says that I am in love with all the family members. Riya can't do it, she is too busy, she goes to Pallavi's house. Pallavi feels sorry for Riya. The gathering happens. Ranveer tells Riya that you haven't left home yet. Pallavi says.

 she won't go. Ranveer's Hta Hai Ab Maine. Isko divorce de Di Hai To Ab Yah is Ghar Me Kyon Rahegi Pallavi Kahati Hai ki tumne isko devorce to de hai tu. hara Faisla tha Tumne vah Faisla Kisi Se Kar Nahin Kiya Aur Abyah Mara Faisla Hai Seriya will not go from you to.

 anyone. I didn't want to ask to take this decision. Anyway, I don't think it's right to ask anyone to take this decision. Ranveer says no, Riya now. I have not stopped thinking that he can steal this house himself. Ranveer cries


 and says that man, today you are talking to steal my house for Larki. Ranveer keeps quiet and goes to his work. She goes to her work and starts staying at home. Kise Hai ki Prachi's God Bhrai ritual is going to be done. There is noise in.

 the house, but Riya is burning to see all this. Everyone in the family is very happy, Ranveer too. All the family members are praying for Prachi. Grandmother says to Riya that you also pray for your sister Prachi. Riya and Aaliya's face is visible. Riya goes to pray to Prachi.

 on the request of all the family members. Riya says to Prachi that this is my prayer. And Pallavi slaps Riya, who is she? What is she saying? Prachi, why did you push Riya? Riya lies. Riya is lying. Riya starts crying. Riya says I was not even 

going to her. You guys forced me. I went to pray for her. I went to be polite in her happiness. . There is no difference between you and Riya. Everyone is telling Prachi. They are telling all this. Aaliya and Riya are laughing.

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