Kumkum Bhagya 10 Oct 2022 full episode online HD

 The upcoming episode of the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya show on Zee TV mis going to be very interesting in which Prachi will be seen troubling Ranveer and will say to Shahana Dekho Ranveer kis tara me hoond raha hai then shahana.

 prachi prachi kayunki he is a good one.  He is human and he has supported you all the time, now you are also time to support Ranbir.  No, Dita says I love you and you do it in marriage, even then Shahana says to Prachi, if Ranveer said.

 all this to you, FIR, you cancel this marriage.  Sankar is quite lost Dikhai Dighi and on the other hand Riya and Alia have also made a big plan because Alia has come to know about Sid's nakedness because Sid has told Prachi about


 his sister Ghana and this  It has already been said that I was forced to tell a lie in the hearing of Pallavi.  Ranveer is very upset seeing Prachi's behavior and says to Shikhar, I don't know what happened to Prachi, I thought why.

 not, I think Prachi looks very happy and  I have to leave Prachi Jee han like friends Sankar Shekhar will be very sad and will say to Ranveer do you know Prajee hide your truth from you Prachi tell Ranveer Shekhar it is too late

 now where is the time to talk.  The child is Prachi's engagement.  If you see it, they will be very angry. I don't want to see my mother angry and you know this very well.  Power because I can neither live nor kill without Prachi. Shekhar .

was wrong. I didn't want to be so close to Prachi.  I told Prachi that when you get married to Syed, I will not see you in front of me until you go away from here. I will not bear to see Prachi with anyone else.

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