Kumkum Bhagya Sep 9 full episode hd

 In the serial Kumkum Bhagya show on Zee TV, you are going to see Alia and Rhea Milkar marrying Prachi to Shiv.  Hoon in both of them still have love for each other in their hearts.  And from the other side, Daytan has come.

 to know the truth of Aaliya and Riya, which Riya also knows about.  Dayan is quite sad, Dhan finds out about Alia and Riya's plan and Dayan knows that Alia will never let me reach Ranveer, so.

 Dayan says to Kanth, t karti hoi dikhai degi aap logon Ko lekin Ranveer.  Prachi ke Sath Biji Hota Hai Ranveer Prachi ke Sath Apna Waqt Gujar Raha Hota Hai Kyunki Prachi Ki Bahut Jald Shaadi Hone Wali Hoti Hai isliye Ranveer Apne Dad Sathiya.

 Prachitadi Shakaram will appear to you, but Vikram is not happy with marriage.  He considers Prachi as his daughter and says to Prachi, I am not happy with your marriage. Whenever I see my son Ranveer, I feel that Ranveer loves you from


 his heart, Prachi.  It will be sad to talk to me  There is a big mistake in the bunker. Prachi, if it is you, forgive me as your Babuji, but Prachi will tell Vikram in the future, it is not your.

 fault. We wanted to understand each other.  I happen to have Ranjhe R and I are not meant for each other and Pallavi will look happy to the world as Pallavi is going to get Prachi's chutkara for Himisha as Prachi is now to take.

 Himisha away from Ranveer's house.  are watching  Another twist is yet to come, will Ranveer be married to Prachi, you have to tell me in the comment section in Logon, because Ranveer shuts up with Prachi's voice.  And you guys will.

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