Kumkum Bhagya September 10 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the updated episode of serial Kumkum Bhagya show Zee TV, you will see Ranveer love Prachi a lot. I can't marry Sarif please understand my compulsion but from now on Ranveer has to say to


 Prachi I will not be able to see you with anyone else that's why I want you to marry Sarif Prachi listen to Ranveer's words and look at people and travel the world From Sarf's excuse has also run.

 away from Alia and Rhea's jungle and very soon Kohli will be shown in the house. It's good that Prachi is getting married to Sarf, but it was heaven from the first day. Prachi is not a good girl. That's .

 why I used to hate him. Vikram didn't like you. Today you have seen it with your own eyes and anyway. Where do you trust me? Yes, friends, from now on, Vikram will tell his wife Pallavi. I know .

 Prachi never thought bad for our Parivar even though Ranveer said lakhs, ISI is staying in the house if Prachi wanted, she could have gone far with Ranveer but it's good to see ourselves. Mann.

 hai and I also know that your brother Ranveer loves Prachi a lot, Pallavi you are Ranveer's mother and Ranveer's love for you will be Nazar and Raha. There is no idea and cannot be.

 fulfilled with Bachchan's zeal because Pallavi's friends love Riya very much, so she keeps supporting Riya and Alia is seen quarreling with Riya from all over the world. If you don't argue.

 with me, the conversation of the serf would have been with us, I am afraid that somewhere that Kohli Ghar Ek Gayi, our truth will go together with everyone, don't start hypocrisy. FIR will.

 not allow Ranveer to marry Prachi with Sarf. Riya, you are a good man. Yes, friends, Sarf's excuse will also be seen talking to Ranveer. And you guys will see very soon.

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