Kumkum Bhagya September 11 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Kumkum Bhagya 11th September Full Episode Online HDZ TV.

  In the show Zee TV, you guys are going to see Prachi is very upset when she goes to Ranveer because Prachi thought that I will tell Ranveer about my heart and Ranveer will understand me but.

 Prachi won't. He says to Prachi, I believe that I love you, I can't write the relationship of love, because Prachi, the child in your womb belongs to the serf, if I have a relationship with you, my


 love is not mine. You will also have to embarrass me again and again with my mother Pallavi because even my mother has come to know. Prachi also says to Ranveer how can you say.

 that this child in my womb belongs to Sarf, it can happen to you too, Ranveer has something with you too. gujara hai ji han doston Ranveer Prachi ko dhokha deta Hua Dikhai Dega Jismein Prachi.

 Bahut Akeli Padane Wali Hai Aur dusri taraf se Shahana Didan ko dundhati Hui dikhai degi kyunki Shahana chahti hai ki prachi bhut hai ki prachi bhi shanki bahi shanki shahna chahti hai.

 happens Shahana also feels that Prachi is not happy with the relationship, so they are planning to save Prachi from marriage. Kohli to write for Ghar Ne Pahoonch has yet another new twist in the.

 story as Sarf's pretense makes a new twist in the serial Kumkum Bhagya, in which you will see Sarf's sister Bolti meet and use it. There is something urgent to talk about, but Ranveer won't be able.

 to tell Ranveer what she wants to tell because Aaliya and Riya's goons see what Sarf is talking about, which makes Sarf's talk unprofessional even when Prachi asks. She doesn't tell even then.

 Ranveer gets to know because Ranveer is quite sensible and Prachi is also understanding everything so she shuts up and leaves you. On the other hand, Saida speaks directly to which Prachi goes and raises Riya's hand

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