Kumkum Bhagya September 14 full episode online HD

 Serial Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Show will show Sarf Nee Alia and Riya telling the truth to Koli family because Sarf's excuse sees Sarf and talks to Sarf. You do not have the courage to join Prachi.

 because of your voice, Prachi has drifted away from Ranveer. You have separated the two lovers from each other. But Riya doesn't let them live in China, so she kidnaps Saraf until Saraf.

 can tell Kohli's family that what is left in Prachi's stomach is mine. I used to stay, so Shiv's talk is taken by the men of the Kohli family, but now Sarf will be seen creating distance between Prachi.

 and Ranveer and you guys will see very soon when you guys go to Prachi. Milkar has accused Prachi and I lied to you on Aliya's request. Prachi and I had no relationship. Yes, friends. I.

 didn't want to do it, you are heaven, how much I love Prachi, but with the sound of one of your mistakes, I had pushed Prachi away from me. There is nothing to laugh at. There is no fault in me, I .

 was forced to say all this to Riya and Prachan, what was the force, if I did not say all this, my words from which Aaliya and Riya had kidnapped them, they had to tell me not to believe. Ranveer.

 would have killed my sister. Now Ranveer you tell me what I would have done. Ranveer will be seen hugging Sarf, seeing which Vikram will be very happy and will say to Pallavi. I can't.

 believe it because Prachi is so good she can never cheat on Ranveer. What's the big deal with her, Dayan is also very sad from her voice and from the second trip, Aaliya and Riya Kohli are at home. Both.

 of them will get into a lot of trouble because even now I know that Pallavi is not going to leave us, why did we try to hurt Dayan.

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