Kumkum Bhagya September 15 full episode online HD Zee TV

 The upcoming episode of Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya will be quite interesting, in which Riya will be seen playing the truth with Deedan Pallavi, but Riya will be seen playing again with Aaliya's Paliyaan.  In fact, Dayan tells Ranveer.

 and Prachi in the nude of Alia and Riya, but no one is ready to die because Shivay hears that Vikram is suspicious of Alia and Riya and they understand.  He also tries, but Prachi also joins.

 Aaliya and Riya's talk and tells Daydan that there is a misunderstanding.  She said that she can't do all this, Riya Aaliya can't do all this, it is also possible that whatever Deedar did not see is true, but he.

 said that when you say to me, I am, no one has done anything like this to me, but Aaliya and  Riya tries to make me understand yes friends no one listens to Sankar Dayan and Dayan .

 leaves from there Ranu.  Today  Send me to my work, I have to talk to Ranveer about something urgent, then Pallavi says to Ranveer, your mother, Dide, you are talking in your room, you go.

 and listen to her.  It will be seen even when it is gone, they ask Ranveer will you trust me, but Ranveer says to his grandmother, Maan, what happened to me, I trust you completely, even then.

 Bedan will tell Veer to doubt you, everyone.  It must be Aaliya and Riya's plan because everything I saw was real, they are all lying to me, even Ranveer says I don't talk to my mother about.

 you.  Ain can't stop Prachi's marriage because this marriage is taking place with the consent of Pallavi's Yani's mother. God bless Pallavi. They will never stop this marriage. Now I have.

 no interest in Prachi.  Ranveer's grandmother finds out about Ranveer's bad behavior and tells Ranveer that you are lying to me.  Even then, Ranveer also tells his grandmother Prachi understands me.  aise hi uske Piche Marta Raha

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