Kumkum Bhagya September 16 full episode online HD

In the upcoming episode of serial Kumkum Bhagya, you guys are going to see Ranveer and Prachi in Kohli house with fans in huge music as Alia's voice is spoken by the goons who torture Alia and Riya. Then they see the goons pouncing on.

 Riya's words, which will make Ranveer and the rest of the family very upset because even when the goons are stealing from the Kohli house, they are not with us at all. . You haven't gone yet, even.

 then they say to Vikram, Kohli's house is so big that there is no way to go to Bihar, so from where do we know? check the saman even then they say goon Vikram no one touches our saman if someone.

 touches our saman then we will sue them because goons are very dangerous when Aaliya tells them about Sid. When she talks about kidnapping, they ask for a lot of money, as Aaliya refuses .

 to give it to them, then they come to attack Aaliya and tell Aaliya that you will not be fooled by her amount. The gangsters are going with the stolen summons from Koli's house, so they don't have.

 to stop with Vikram's voice, even then Ranveer is also with his father and Ranveer is also shouted at by those gangsters from the front, so he has to stop. The goons say to Ranveer that you will.

 not believe us like this, we have to do something, even then they make Ranveer's mother their mark in front of Ranveer and say to Ranveer, if you also hate you, we love your mother dearly. Ranveer.

 will be seen hanging out with UN goons and you guys will see Sid fighting with UN goons. sath Prachi Bhi Sid Ka Sath Deti Hui Dikhai Degi Aap Logon Ko jisse Ranveer Kafi jalidi feel karega.

 kyunki ranveer ko lag raha hota hai yah Prachi is trying to save Sid so Ranveer feels a lot of love ho rahi hai you Sid tells Prachi to Ranveer that you don't see anything but him because Syed is gone in your mind but you don't see my love,.

 Ranveer always doubts me but no one is doubting you. He is trying to see even then Prachi will say to Ranveer you don't feel anything and stop thinking to yourself, never listen to your heart.

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