Kumkum Bhagya today 13 September 2022 full episode online HD Zee TV

In the show Zee TV, you guys are going to see Prachi begging for her love with Ranveer, which will make Shahana very sad and will go to Vikram and say, My sister Prachi, talk to Ranveer very much, Prachi. I don't want to do it, with.

 which Vikram will tell Shahana that you are heaven, Ranveer, when Ranveer was in love with Prachi, even Prachi didn't talk to Ranveer. Shahana doesn't want to understand us. It is not.

 very serious about taking her sister Prachi because Shahana wants Ranveer and Prachi to be together as before but Ranveer does not want to script Prachi because in Ranveer's heart Riya and Prachi call Nefer Bharti as Prachi Ranvi .

 is pregnant. And the child in Prachi's stomach is Sarf's. As bad as it sounds, Ranveer has distanced himself from Prachi, but now Prachi and Ranveer are visiting each other. Aaliya is seen going home and says to Riya.

 that if Dayan Kohli doesn't come home, then Saraf and Prachi's wedding will not take place. And Pallavi is going to meet because Pallavi calls Prachi to her as Prachi is Prachi to tell about Pallavi deedan dikhai deti Hai jisse dekh.

 kar pllavi bhi kafi shauk honge kyunki pllavi bhi deedan ki bahut respect karti hai Jab de dhan Pallavi Tell the truth about Riya and Aliya She can't do this because of her life. Surely Alia must have planned all this, so Riya's outfit will give.

 Alia a good look and you will see Alia very soon. Vikram is also not going to forgive Agye now, on Aaliya and Riya's request, Vikram's mother tries to kill herself, to which Vikram tells Pallavi, it's time for ISI to Aaliya and Riya from.

 home. Rest me in done. Donga jessi Palvi leaves coffee and Riya says to Aaliya, FIR time you leave here because Vikram is very angry where did Vikram call the police, the police will take you, rest of me. Do not want at all

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