Kumkum Bhagya today 30 September full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, it happens that Riya is living in the house, when Ranveer divorces Riya, Riya wants to kill Prachi and Riya pushes Prachi.  Aaliya and Riya are there. Riya pushes Prachi. Prachi falls down. Prachi is calling Riya and Aaliya for help.  They.

 don't come to Prachi's situation. When Riya sees Ranveer, she is a way. Riya rushes to Prachi. She is crying on seeing Prachi. Riya is acting like Riya to Prachi.  She is trying to pick her up, even then Ranveer goes. Ranveer is very worried.

 to see Prachi's condition. He quickly takes Prachi to the hospital.  Prachi's voice is very worried, Ranveer is also very worried, the doctor says that Prachi has miscarried, all the family members cry a lot hearing this.  Ranveer is also crying a lot, Alia is very happy that we have.

 finished Prachi Prachi's baby before it was born.  It is done when Prachi comes to use it is found that the abortion has happened Prachi has a lot of bread.  Ranveer is all upset about Prachi's fault. Prachi was wearing heels so many times that she fell down and this happened .

 to her.  Waja has taken away our happiness. She is turning all the family members against Prachi. She also tells Ranveer that all this is Prachi's fault. Prachi is crying. She says that she does not see me.  Someone pushed Riya and Aaliya gets scared hearing this. Riya.

 says that Prachi has seen me.  I don't think so.  He pushes Riya and says that Prachi is lying instead of admitting her mistake. Riya says that when Prachi fell, I was there.  Vahan was there when I was speaking for help, so why not you?  I didn't see any hell, this all happened to.

 me, it's not my fault.  You have taken my happiness from me and if you had taken care of yourself, this would not have happened to you.  I will never forgive you for what happened to me. Prachi is crying. Ranveer doesn't say a single word to Prachi, Saint Aaliya or Rhea.

 is happy to see all this.  It happened exactly as we wanted, finally Ranveer let Prachi out of the house, Riya says that now I have left Prachi out of the house, now there is one more important thing to do.  Now I will have a place in Ranveer's day, she says now I have to do something for work too, ahe kisi ki main Ranveer di dil nikal dongi prachi for Himisha.

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