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In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Ranveer breaks up with Prachi, they shift to a new house, Rhea and Aaliya are very angry.  I try to get Prachi away from Ranveer she goes to Ranveer why does this always happen.

 to me Riya tries to kill herself Riya finds it hard to kill herself goes Aaliya slaps Riya  What are you doing so soon Har Man Jaogi We don't want to celebrate Har Manani Chahi I am saying goodbye to you that I will do something like this now Ranveer will steal Prachi she says.

 there is nothing Bahut Bara Karungi ke Prachi Kisi Ko Munh  Dikhane Ke Kabel nahin Rahegi vah Kisi larky ko gives Prachi's number and says this is to harass her, to blackmail her, to torture her, to keep harassing her all the time, to message her on phone, to stay, especially.

 at night.  When Ranveer is at home, it is very dark and there is a lot of messaging. Did you start messaging Tara? Prachi, you have heaven, you both like each other.  They give money to work. Man goes to work according to their plan. He


 does the same. He calls Prachi. Tab Ranveer is not at home. He wants to tell Prachi that I know you and you also know me.  Jannat ho Prachi talks about who are you and I don't know anyone.  And Ranveer leaves, Prachi picks up Prachi's mobile. Prachi goes away. Prachi.

 gets scared and says that it will be her phone. She takes Ranveer's mobile and lies that it is my friend's phone. Ranveer shuts up.  His phone calls again and again.  Ranveer says that if your friend has a phone, pick it up and talk. Prachi says no, I don't have time now.

 Prachi goes and calls Larki and says what do you want, who are you, why are you bothering me?  And Riya says wow, he does it, then twice at night, Ranveer is at home, even then the phone calls again.  He is on the phone and asks Prachi who is this. .

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