Kundali Bhagya 17 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In Kundali Bhagya show Zee TV story, Arjun gets caught up in Prithvi's goons as Arjun makes a deal with Shambhu to kill Rishabh but because Rishabh looks too small, Arjun unkahanse de nahanse to UN Ragandoon. They are.

 going to Arjun's house and in the upcoming promo you will see the log when Arjun is drinking coffee with Anjali, he opens the window of Arjun's house and sees the goons walking between Arjun's.

 house and Arjun's people. Deega sees coffee being served and on the other hand Rishabh is about to go to Arjun's house to meet Arjun when Preeta is talking to Rishabh then Rishabh.

 tells Rita that Kaal Kavya will not be seen in the main school. She says to Rishabh, aap presan mat ho mein sab sambhal langi tibi Rishabh says thank you so much to Preetha that you understand.

 me so much. Then Preeta will see Arjun's name lost in Arjun's thoughts and seeing her daughter Kavya will tell Kavya that Arjun is your star. File an FIR, you are bothering people, but


 you are older than Arjun, but Preeta will talk to Kavya, Arjun is older in surfing, Arjun's behavior is childlike, yes, friends, from the other side, Rakhi Luthra should also go to Lokya in.

 Preeta's room. Missing Gaa enough is a way, so Rakhi Luthra goes to Rita's room to meet Kavya and hugs Preeta and says, don't you miss Karan when you see Arjun, even then, looking into.

 Preeta's eyes, she says, "Haha." I miss Karan when I see Arjun but Arjun can never be Karan because there is no one like Karan why Preeta loves Karan unconditionally so.

 Preeta doesn't compare anyone with Karan and travels the world. Mahesh Luthra also gets upset when he sees Rakhi Luthra in his room. Behar comes out of his room to see Luthra. In Mahanki, he.

 loves Luthra very much and cares for her so whenever he sees Rakhi Luthra sad, he gets sad and goes to her like Mahesh finds Rudra rakhi Luthra Mahesh rakhi usi ke bete Sameer says to Neem have you seen your aunt Yani's rakhi.

 somewhere then Sameer says to Mahesh don't worry it will be somewhere so big Why don't you want to see the house? Do you want to rest in your room I cheat my aunt Rakhi.

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