Kundali Bhagya 20 Sep full episode online HD Zee TV

 Serial Kundali Bhagya show Zee TV latest episode is going to be very interesting Aap Logon where you will see Log Arjun in Kavya's school yes friends Arjun goes to Kavya's school to get Kavya's birth certificate. And secondly.

 Prithvi will appear to Logon because Prithvi is keeping an eye on Arjun because Prithvi wants to do business partnership with Arjun but Arjun says to Prithvi I will not make you my partner.

 still Prithvi challenges Arjun. I use a partner. I will be your band and Arjun you will make me your business partner Jee Haan Friends Prithvi is going to see Arjun with Preeta in the upcoming.

 episode you guys will see when Arjun is sneaking a peek at Preeta Prithvi goes to Arjun. And use to say what happened Arjun looking at Preeta with great love have you never seen it before


 Yes friends still Arjun say to Prithvi Main whatever do you do Prithvi what does this mean to you even then Prithvi say to Arjun it means me Because Arjun, I have been seeing you for a long. time, the way you see Preeta, before.

 falling in love with Arjun. Arjun listens to Prithvi and says to Prithvi that you are heaven or not I am the enemy of Preeta and I have come here to take my revenge from Preeta. Visa main main.

 linga Arjun this is your misunderstanding I am not a child anyone can see you and say you love Preeta and it is true Arjun and love Kavya to the end of the world. She says to mother, look, my friends.

 are also here, then Preeta looks at Arjun, Arjun pushes Prithvi, which makes Prithvi realize that something is difficult, so Prithvi hides after seeing Preeta. Prithvi doesn't want to come for.

 Preeta. If Prithvi tells Preeta, Arjun's truth will be with Luthra family. So Arjun will hide Prithvi from Prithvi. Purita says there is nothing urgent, he just wanted to meet someone, so he left

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