Kundali Bhagya 21 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the interesting show Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV, you guys are going to see Arjun as soon as he finds out that Prithvi is with Preeta. I know that's why Arjun calls Anjali and says you tell.

 Rishabh to go because I won't see Finsa in heavy traffic to which Sankar Anjali says to Arjun I think Arjun is talking to you what's up. Arjun says to Anjali, why can't you do it, I don't have time to tell.

 you, because Arjun has a crush on Preeta, so he is in a hurry to go to Preeta and asks the other side. Kavya's new teacher. Kavya talks to Preeta in school as Kavya is very naughty Kavya's teacher.

 calls Preeta to school to complain to Preeta but Avya requests the teacher and says use not to tell my mom. Kavya is very happy listening to the sweet words of the teacher in Mere Nage and says.

 to Preeta, you are my daughter. Give time to her. Shy Jee-han friends like Sankar Preetha will be seen smiling and on the other hand Prithvi is also looking at Preetha with great love even .

 then Arjun also reaches Kavya's school and Prithvi is warned by Preetha. They are rude to you. Prithvi will not be angry with me. Prithvi sees Arjun's behavior and says to Arjun, I can hear the.

 sound of anger because Arjun you are telling me that Preeta is my enemy but now no one knows what has become of you. It is clear that Arjun has given his heart to Preeta and Preeta is also starting to like Arjun because Arjun.

 will be seen taking care of Preeta as Preeta feels good to you guys and Rishabh too now. Arjun and Preetha's love story is going to be exposed because Prithvi is going to tell Rishabh's caller that your Preeta and Arjun's affair is going on. Love

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