Radha Mohan 22 Sep 2022 full episode online HD


In the upcoming episode of Serial Kundali Bhagya Show Zee TV, you will see Prithvi's mobile getting lost. Arjun will also be seen meeting Preeta. Let's use in two, you have not changed at all. He used to call me by the name and you can't replace.

 Karan. F Sankar will be very happy and will say to Preeta that you are saying that no one can replace Karan and on the other hand Kavya will talk to her mother Preeta to Arjun. She looks at him.

 and goes to Arjun and says it's good that you went here alone because my mother Preeta was very rude to me. Why did the teacher complain about me? You have not stopped being afraid of your.

 mother Preeta. Gya Hai Jae Haan, seeing like friends, Preeta will be seen laughing and on the other side, Rishabh will be seen talking to Sarshti. Sarshti says to Rishabh, today is my birthday and .

 you guys will still be in a relationship in the office, I didn't know. It's your birthday and sameer is also with me friends like Sankar Sarshti will look very sad and will say to Rishabh look now.

 Sameer's work is not even my idea. And from the second trip Sameer Luthra will be seen planning the birthday of his wife Srishti at home and you guys will soon see Srishti celebrate her.

 birthday sir it's my birthday invite Karne Wali Hai Lekin Anjali Arjun ko Serishti Birthday Mein Jaane Se Mana Karti Hui Dikhai Degi kyunki Anjali Srishti Se jhagada Karke Jaati hai isliye Anjali is persuading Arjun to go but Arjun.

 calls Anjali Meri Jani Bolna Rishabh's business partner hun if Mein Luthra doesn't go home then Rishabh asks me. Anjali says to Arjun that you are lying I know you are going to Luthra house surf preetha no interest in you. Arjun says to Anjali, "You should wait for me

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