Kumkum Bhagya 25 September 2022 full episode free HD

 Serial Kundali Bhagya show Zee TV story Aap Logon is going to be seen Shirley goes to jail to meet Prithvi then Prithvi says to Shalan I have been framed by Arjun and today I am in jail with Arjun's voice then sweet talk She doesn't agree.

 and says to Prithvi that now I won't help you because every time you cheat me and every time I come to your side and support you but now I won't support you. He will show up and say to.

 Shirley, please leave me here if I stay here for the rest of my life, I will go crazy. Yes, friends. So hire a good lawyer, even then Prithvi says to Rishabh, go to Rishabh and tell him that he will definitely.

 help you. He says what are you doing here and now what is your job then Shirley says to Rishabh I am very big. I am in trouble, bear with me. He says, "Why should I believe what you say? Because


 Sherlyn, you have already betrayed us. Yes, friends. On the other hand, Mahesh Luthra will also be seen getting quite fond of Sherlyn, and Sherlyn should not be with you. Sherlyn Mahesh.

 Luthra." will appear angry with Mahesh Luthra and will say to Mahesh Luthra, please forgive us. Even then, Mahesh Luthra will appear pitying them and ask Rishabh to let him stay in the room, but Rishabh says to.

 Sherlyn, I am sorry, we can't help you because I saw you here. Naraj Hongi and I can't see Preeta's distress so please you can leave here.Shirleen Luthra will be seen leaving the house and you guys will also see her. Kritika is fed up.

 with seeing Sherlyn, she will see you guys and tell her brother Rishabh. What was Sherlyn doing here? Use I to leave here to say go from here so she was getting bread then Kritika will say to Rishabh Haan bhai you have done very well Kaonki yah Shirleen has met with Prithvi. That's why you were requesting the logon.

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