Kundali Bhagya 26 September full episode online HD

In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai Ki Prithvi teases Preeta all the time Prithvi was teasing Preeta even then Arjun arrives and Arjun sends Prithvi to jail and Preeta to leave the house on her own. On her way home, she goes.

 to a temple. She says Giri stop, I have to go to the temple. Preeta goes to the temple and says to Arjun that you don't want to come to the temple. He says no, I don't want to come. It was a very. important meeting. Where are you? They.

 lie. I am in the main office. Anjali is also in the office. Anjali thinks that Arjun will be with Preity. Anjali tells Rishabh. She has gone for some urgent work. She lies to Rishabh. Preeta and Arjun go to the temple. Even then, Reshma also.

 goes to the temple. Arjun and Preeta don't know that Rishabh has also been to the temple. Preeta is worshiping. In the temple, she goes to the pallu lamp of her sari and her sari catches fire. Arjun sees it and extinguishes the


 fire. Preeta says that the temple is here, but not from Shroo, everyone there is watching the logs and they are understanding this, and the husband and wife should pray for them. May you always be safe. Preeta gets very worried after seeing.

 all this. He is not big, he also takes care of me, he also fights, he is also angry, he also insults me, but he also saves me. This case is a human being. God has matched me with which human being, who is he, where did he bring me.

 from? Hai aur wahan Anjali somehow hates Preeta she also thinks that Arjun still doesn't love Preeta. Ke Liye Aye Ho Ab Tum Inse Pyar Nahi Nafrat Karte ho vah isko Preeta ke pass Nahin Jaane deti vah Itna Chahti hai ki Arjun.

 Sirf Mera Ho Jab Ke Sirf usne Chehra Diya v Hai Arjun Kiran She is Preeta's Kiran always keeping an eye on Arjun When Arjun is about to tell the truth, who is Karan, TB Anjali comes and stops him and says no, this is Karan. No, it is Arjuna, they want to make Arjuna their own

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