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 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Prithvi finds out everything in Arjun's nude, now they have become one. Prithvi works in Arjun's office at Preeta's house.  They are preparing for the happy anniversary and they invite Arjun Logon.  I can't tell Mann that I.

 am his son Karan. He is becoming a son to meet his man. He comes on his man's birthday. Instead of Karan, Rishabh Tihara is there. He has been all this. Today, Rishabh is in my place.  I did not take it, win, my family loves.

 me, they give all their love to Rishabh, even Preeta was mine and Rishabh also got it. They are very sad to see all this.  because he is his son Arjun, he knows what is the passion of his man, he gives a gift to his man, when she sees


 the gift, she starts crying.  There, all the family members also become Haryana, her husband says that you know who likes this gift from me.  It's a man's turn usse kah chuki hai ki tu My son is Karan My heart says that you are my son Karan uski man kahati hai ki tumhen.

 kaise pata mujhe yah gift pasand hai tu mera beta hai na Arjun Kahate Hain Ki Nahin Main Aapka  Beta Karan Nahin Arjun Nahin I have told you so many times that I am not your son and you people love me so much that's why I don't know you in your house I am Arjun still.

 everyone says that  We have to be.  Arjun goes to Parita, Arjun thinks what has happened to me, why do I want to be with Preetha all the time.  Why does he want to go where I live and goes to Janpreeta and says you were married to Karan so do you still like Karan or have.

 you forgotten how to use Arjun?  Thapar gives trouble, why do you come into my personal affairs and why don't you follow me, thief, wherever you go, you come there.  And Preeta says to Rishabh that I don't like Arjun Sahi and Jin

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