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In drama serial Kundali Bhagya Yeh Hua Hai, Prithvi goes back from jail and wants to expose Arjun. Preeta goes to mall for shopping.  They don't see Prithvi near Preeta. Arjun is shocked to see Prithvi. He says I will not steal Prithvi. Anjali says what are you doing, you are crazy, you are crazy looking at Preeta.  When Arjun goes, he doesn't listen

to Anjali.

 and he teaches Prithvi how to do it. He beats Prithvi a lot.  Keeps Preeta together and scolds Preeta that why are you leaving home Bihar alone, where is your noise, I love you whenever I see you.  You are the one who talks in my noise, where you know what to do, my wife, you keep to your work. Arjuna eats.  .  If not, in.

 the nakedness of others, think what will happen to your family if something happens to you. Anjali is watching everyone there.  .  Koo says come, we will give you house thief. Preeta is not agreeing to go with Arjun. Anjali says Preeta come on, we will not give you.

 thief. Preeta gets ready to go. Prithvi is now looking at Arjun.  What is he doing? He is collecting evidence against Arjun. He reaches Arjun's office. Anjali and Arjun are talking. Anjali says you are Arjun, not Karan.  No, you should be Arjuna, otherwise everyone.

 will know that you are Karan. Prithvi listens to all this.  Who could have been killed by Karan right in front of us and where did he go now? He also came back. He goes to meet Arjun the next day.  Prithvi says just listen to me for two minutes. Arjun goes to listen to Prithvi.  Arjuna


 says that I have told you before and I am still telling you to keep in touch with me otherwise I am a very big thing and I will make you lose your face.  Arjun says that you are very good, I know what a bad person you are.  Don't wake up Dete to main Tumhara.

 pardafash kar dunga main tumhare bare mein Sab Kuch Jaanta hun Arjun Kahta Hai Ki Tum Kya Jante Ho Mere Bare Mein Batao Prithvi Kahta Hai Ki Mujhe Pata chal Gaya hai You are not Arjun Karan Arjun is a lot to hear this.  He wants to say to Prithvi, who told you, Arjun turns away, I am not Arjun, where do you look.

 like Karan, even then Prithvi says that I heard everything about you and Anjali.  Naked, I know everything. Now you will be forced to help me or give me a place in my office. Now look, think well.  What can I do I will expose you in 2 minutes now kar sakta hun tabhi Arjun says to Prithvi ok I will help you still Prithvi.

 says to Arjun you are Karan not Arjun you are Karan then why hate Pari so much  If you do, you will hate your brother too.  He could have given his life for them Karan loved him so much then why are you doing this and why don't you tell him the truth that you are Karan what is the matter Arjun Prithvi says I love you.

 hi raho  Arjun says to Prithvi that it is mine and it is very soon.  Prithvi says why are you doing all this? Now look, we are one.  Yes, we both will replace them. From my story, you know why I want to replace them, but you also tell me about me.  Logon had pushed me into the ditch, I don't mean i

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