Kundali Bhagya 28 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, it happens that Arjun finds out that Rishabh and Preeta's daughter is Karan's daughter. I am in tears that this is my daughter. He hugs his daughter. He says I kept him away from my daughter for years. When he knows this truth, he hates Preeta as much as I do for Preeta. Thori's hatred becomes effective, he says that.

 now I can't take my daughter even if I want to, because I am Arjun, if I tell everyone that she is my daughter, then I will tell everyone this too. Anjali and Karan are talking, Preeta's excuse is that Shasti goes to Poonch, she listens to everything. Cara of Jeeju is still alive but Srishti comes in the room and says to Anjali .

and Arjun, I have heard all the truth. Why did you keep telling lies, why did you come with Arjun's band, why did you betray all of us, that Arjun who is Karan is very arrogant that you don't want to play with our judgments like this. Will be. Both of them have betrayed me, Shisti is upset hearing this, what does it mean.

 to you? Arjun also tells Shisti all the truth, that you and my brother have both beaten me. Who tells us that night we all are there per Preeta and Rishabh bhai trying to save you, Preeta could not take care of you leaving, Arjun says dusre ko Pasand Karte The Isliye UN Donon Ne Mujhe Mara Mujhe Marne Ke Bad Preeta .

 Ne Rishabh Se Shadi kar Li vah Donon Mujhe Dhokha de Rahe the Karan ki Yah Baat Sunkar Shisti Karan ko thaperMaar Deti Hai Shisti Kahati Mejhu Ki Hai Cante My Karan Jijo is not like that, so he does not think like that during visits You love them so much, the system is someone who has cheated everyone by.

 themselves. Karan says that you will not tell anything to anyone. She says that I will tell everyone the truth. Shasti will tell everyone the truth. Kya Tum Pagal Ho Gai Ho Yah Sab Kaise Ho Sakta Hai Shisti Kahati I have heard all this with my own ears. If it doesn't come then ask Arjun yourself. Everyone asks Arjun..

  You are not Karan. Anjali says to Arjun that no matter what happens, you should not tell everyone the truth. Arjun says that now is the time, I will tell everyone the truth. Arjun's man says that you are forcing me. I am your son Karan. Karan's heart is happy to hear this. She hugs Karan and says that my heart always.

 said that only my son is a favor. They get happy but Anjali is saying now what will happen to me? Everyone in the family says to Arjun that why did you lie to us? Arjun tells the truth to everyone in the family. There is a way that Karan pushes Preeta and Rishabh and Preeta.

 say that neither of you can come to me. Why are you talking like this? All the family members say that it was not their don who hit me. Saying that both of them had killed you, Kiran says that I saw them with my own eyes, both of them killed me. I can give my life for you, I.

 can't take your life and your brothers love you so much, you are thinking the same in their nakedness. She says that if you don't like it, then you should tell Prithvi. Prithvi went to jail. Aha and her boyfriend left you, then Prithvi was present in the vehicle. Prithvi was beaten by the police. I am very sorry for not thinking.

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