Kundali Bhagya 30 Sep full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, this happens, when Preeta finds out the truth in Anjali's nakedness, she stops Karan and Anjali's marriage.  He says no, now Preeta is Rishab bhai's wife and now she will be Rishab bhai's wife only. Karva Chauth happens. Everyone is.

 very happy for the longevity of their noise.  Karan ki lambi Umra ke liye yah Vrat rakhti was and now vah kahati hai main kiske liye yah Vrat rakhun Karan Bhi Mere Sath Hai Aur Rishabh Bhi Mere Sath Hai vah Kahati Hai To Me Abhori uski.

 You will keep Vrat for long life even then Rishabh will be one.  Yes, he says no problem, you love Karan bhai too, so you pray for him for long life. Karan Preeta says that there is no such thing.  Karan gives water to Preeta. Karan.

 opens Preeta's Vrat.  Ani Piya Sherlyn is very bread Sherlyn is going to be Jakoo Sharlyn has been complaining a lot by stealing Rishabh she becomes rich by marrying Rishabh she becomes very rich she steals Rishabh for


 Prithvi Prithvi  Coming makes us feel bad.  She goes to Liye and apologizes to Rishabh. She goes to Rishabh's feet and tells Rishabh to forgive me.  Now do a wapis a gaye hain you divorce Preeta she says Preeta always loved Karan and still do you divorce Preeta Taki Karan and Preeta.

 get married and you give me a chance.  Two family members say that we can't trust you one more time, you have cheated us a lot.  Han steals Rishabh ji and says you see me main sab sahi Rishabh says if I want to meet Karan and Preeta then I have to marry Shirleen Rishabh.

 gets ready to give Shirleen a chance  He divorces her and she is married to Rishabh.  She didn't do it, I was a fool like you. Sherlyn slaps Prithvi with everyone.  Trying to meet today is a matter of wisdom.  Soon I will see you. He says that you have become my enemy along with .

all these family members. He says that now I will do something to you that you will remember.  Rahi, Shaolin says that till today I had to make mistakes to win, I did. She is bitter that the mistake was made by me, but it was not for stealing you, it was for stealing Rishab ji. Prithvi.

 gets angry and leaves.  And Karan also gets married.Karan and Preeta get married to Don.Everyone in the family is very happy that their happiness is back together.  She can't bear it. She says that Karan and Preeta will have to be separated somehow. She says that Karan.

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