Kundali Bhagya Sep 5 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In Kundali Bhagya Zee TV you guys are going to see Rakhi Luthra's Mamta Arjun we will see coming you guys this friend Kareena Luthra is going to accept Arjun as her son by embracing.

 Luthra's Luthra. You can spend your life with me. Every time you see me, my son Karan misses me and you are the star of my Kiran. Bahat Akili Ho Chikhi Hoon Jee Haan Doostan From now on,

 Arjun will also appear to be very sad to hear about his mother Rakhi and will say to his mother, I know you love your son Karan very much, she won't even write. Jee Haan Friends On the other hand Kritika is also behind Prithvi as Kritika.

 knows that it is Prithvi who has changed his base and came to the Luthra house and in the upcoming promo it is also shown that Prithvi goes to the hall to get dressed. She gives it to Shirley to use.

 which makes Kritka very interested because Shirley doesn't know that Kritka is watching Shirley mentions Leothra to fool Prithvi. Jeesy says Kritika to Shirley what was left now you are .

 in Luthra house you are heavenly how much we hate you and how you guys did BF with us Shirleyn we you not sometimes. Not at all with Rishabh because Rishabh loved you and in return you.

 betrayed my brother Rishabh you rejected my brother for the sake of Prithvi Rishabh I want to love you from here go otherwise we are your first. Luthra will leave the house by pushing you, which.

 you will not like at all. Preeta bhabhi also Charlene hates you because you have done a lot of wrong with my Preeta bhabhi and you have broken my mother's heart too. Mom, if you see it,

 you will remember that last call, which I don't go anywhere, how much my mother was interested in you. Sherlyn says to Kritika, I have to apologize to your mother, I was going to meet.

 Kareena Luthra and will meet Luthra as now my mother is also gone, Kritika is now alone, anyone to support me. No, friends, Kritika will come to Sherlyn's talk. Kariya

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