Radha Mohan Sep 6 full episode Hd

Rakhi Luthra said to Mahesh Luthra, I have got my son, yes, friends, in the updated episode of serial Kundali Bhagya, you guys are going to see Rakhi Luthra Samaj Chaki Hai Arjun and Jan Chaki.

 Hai Arjun and Jan Choki Hai Luki Pichhra Choki Pichhra This Arjun is none other than my son Karan, that's why the upcoming promo shows Rakhi saying to

Mahesh Luthra, this is Arjun, he .

 is not Arjun, he is my son, Karan, who also has Sankar Srishti. Because it is a way to understand the system as well, after seeing Arjun's movements, the system has also understood that Arjun is not Arjun, but behind Arjun is .

 Karan, and in the world, you will be seen with a brush in relation to our family. Logon and Arjun will ask Rishabh, do you love someone, do you have a life, is there someone you love unconditionally. He has also done it and told .

 Preeta that I want to marry you, so Preeta is also silent When this question is from Rishabh Rahan Pritab and Behar Jakar is from Pritha's property Sarshti will be seen Jasmin Sarshti is saying .

 to her sister Preeta Rakhi Luthra Yani's Rakhi mother is very happy today because today Rakhi is her son. To stop being, to stop, Tab listens to Sarshti's talk, Preetha says to Sarshti, what are you saying, yes, then Sarshti says to her.

 sister, Rakhi thinks Arjun is Karan, friends, isn't this before Preeta told Bhiman. Arjun is also starting to doubt because Arjun's biggest truth will now come out in front of the Luthra house, seeing that Rishabh has also taken Arjun as his.

 own brother. The truth is hidden from Luthra Housewala Laga Keonki Anjali has made a very bad plan for Arjun what is that plan you guys will see in the upcoming episode and like this thank you for updating to marry us.

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