Kumkum Sep 7 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the interesting show serial Kundali Bhagya, you guys are going to see Anjali's property is going to be with Karan Luthra's daughter Kavya. Why are you hanging out with my friend Arjun, which I don't like at all. Yes, friends, Anjali.

 will show a lot of green eyes after hearing Kavya's talk and ask Kavya to ask you something. Degi is pretending to look and on the other hand Prithvi is also going to meet Anjali when Prithvi.

 meets Anjali even then Anjali doesn't read Prithvi and never wants then Prithvi tells Anjali I am Arjun's friend but Anjali is Prithvi She ignores Prithvi and says to Anjali, I know you are


 not with me anbujhkar samajh and I know that Arjun is here to take Rishabh's life. She says, "And what heaven is you in Arjuna's evil and from you?" I am always the biggest enemy of Rishabh. I love me Arjuna. Anjali says to Prithvi, you.

 go away, I will talk to Arjun, but Prithvi says to Anjali, if you don't let me meet my Arjun, then I will tell Arjun's truth to Rishabh and there is no relationship, your life. Anjali wants to take FIR. You do what you want in your.

 heart. Anjali. Yes, friends. Anjali is talking about Prithvi. Will friend Arjun be able to help Prithvi? You will see Rishabh while he is talking to his client, Arjun tells Rishabh that two lovers should never meet, but the sound of some people.

 makes the lovers drift away from each other. Because Arjun feels that my brother Rishabh has stolen my love from me, so he is behaving like this towards his brother and ISI has to ask.

 Arjun. Rishabh also doesn't like this style of Arjun, still Rishabh is resisting Arjun. Arjun takes advantage of Rishabh's good nature to write, but now Rishabh is not going to keep quiet either.

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