Kundali Bhagya September 11 full episode online HD Zee TV

Kundali Bhagya 11th September Full Episode Online HDZ Tv.

  In the show Zee TV, you are going to see when Arjun opens the locker to save Kavya, then Rakhi thinks that Arjun is my ray, but still Arjun hides his truth from his mother and suffers from.

 anxiety.  Preeta is also going to cry hugging Kavya because Preeta is also very confused about Arjun, so he puts Preeta on one side.  Karan would have definitely told me because Karan loved.

 me a lot and I am very good at it, but on the other hand, Rakhi Luthra called Arjun to his room and told Arjun's hand with his head till now.  What have you come to do, friends, will Arjun tell his


 truth to his mother, because Anjali has told Arjun, you will not do anything like this, your reformation will be seen by the people of Luthra house.  You will never be able to succeed in your goal, now.

 Arjun you have to decide whether you want to become Karan or FIR Arjun to take revenge from Preetha by banding Yes friends and how long from the world.  Who did you do this locker, only.

 Sarf Karan could have opened it, Arjun, who did you open the locker, even then Arjun will say to Rishabh, I don't know how this happened to me.  I want to avoid, this was from Kavya, because.

 Kavya is my very good friend.  Where the friends will tell Sameer to Rishabh from the front, Arjun is like him but he has a very good heart. Kavya has done a great job today by coming out.

 of Shlokar. We want to say thank you to Arjun and Mahesh Luthra from Dunya AF also to Arjun.  He will be seen thanking Arjun by hugging .

him and will say to Arjun that my ray was also your star, even then tears will also be shown in Arjun's eyes and you people will wake up running away.  I

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