Kundali Bhagya September 14 full episode online HD

 In Kundali Bhagya, Anjali has said to Arjun that I love you so much, to which Sankar Arjun says to Anjali, Anjali, you are heaven, if this thing comes to know about you, I will kill you. If I tell my story about you then you will not be alive Arjun.

 Keonki Mein Jannati Haan you are falling in love with Preetha but you think I don't know anything Yes friends Anjata will talk to you. Jante ho I have come to take my revenge from Preeta but still you are saying all this no one dare to.

 tell anything like Anjali my revenge will be complete then I will go to your sister from here myself Merava. There is a lot of urgency here because Prithvi and Shirley Don can only reach my family until Prithvi leaves here and I won't go.

 anywhere because Anjali Tum Nahi Jante Ki Prithvi Katna. Even after my departure, Prithvi has tried to hurt my family, but now I will not let Prithvi do anything that will disturb my mother and father. I don't want and my mother is also.

 quite innocent, she thinks Sabi is good. Yes, friends are listening to Arjun and Anjali's talk from the other side. I want to bring it but Srishti insists that she will never listen to me, so Srishti is making a video of Arjun and Anjali. video banate.

 hue kyunki Arjun Chahta Hai My truth didn't come with Preeta so Arjun will be seen deleting the video and on the other hand Kritika will be seen scolding her brother Arjun. The fan goes to the locker, which R Arjuna returns.

 from Vishraj to Luthra house just as the shadow is about to break. walon Ko bolata Hai main ise kholne ki koshish karta hun lekin Preetha Arjun Ko bolati hai ise sirf Kara nahin khol sakta tha lekin preeta ko pata nahin hota Arjun hi Karan Luthra hai and Arjun hi vah locker open karta bhugaurhi will see quickly when using kavya Bihar will come from the locker and Preeta will hug Kavya and see a lot of roti

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