Kundali Bhagya September 15 full episode online HD

Kundali Bhagya show Zee TV latest episode is going to be quite interesting as Rishabh is busy trying to save his daughter Kavya so Rishabh has to ignore Arjun's words and asks Arjun to tell me.

 first. I'm worried, my daughter has got a band inside the servant whose password only Sarf Karan knew. Jee, friends, Arjun will see Rishabh.

 being quite fond of her because Arjun has come to know that Kavya is about her B. Arjun. Balki is not the daughter of Rishabh and Preeta, but Kavya is the daughter of Karan Luthra, Yani.

 is my daughter, so Arjun calls Anjali and says, "You stay at Luthra house, we are about to reach Luthra house, which shows that it has happened sometimes." Tell me why Anjali is afraid.

 that Luthra family Arjun will not take him anywhere, so it will be seen that there is enough trouble and on the other hand Arjun is also very confused about the locker, why is Arjun .

 also thinking this if I did this? If you open it, my father Mahesh Luthra and others will find out about my nakedness. Yeri's daughter has to be saved and Arjun travels from all over the world, why.

 because Arjun will show Kavya to leave, from which Prithvi is also going to know the truth about Arjun because Prithvi also knew this. Then Prithvi says to Sherlyn, "My suspicion is that Arjun.

 is hiding himself from us. I knew that Arjun is not what he looks like. Sherlyn, it's not like Arjun is Karan, Prithvi." No, Prithvi has not done what you are saying to Arjun, Karan, from.

 nowhere, Arjun's face is not like Karan's, yet Prithvi, you are talking like this. Yes, friends, Prithvi is now very serious about Arjun and Arjun Hakeet is having enough son to know the.

 truth and Shirlene is also going to understand Prithvi's words, so Shirleen tells Prithvi that Arjun's name is with Anjali. Tell in the comment section

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