Kundali Bhagya September 16 full episode online HD

 In the serial Kundali Bhagya show Zee TV story you guys are going to see Arjun getting a lot of love from his family in which Arjun will also be seen on Kiffi's side as Arjun asks if I gave my mother Diya.  I gave  Rishabh's FIR against.

 Han will take my life which I don't want at all and on the other hand Anjali will also show Arjun thanking Arjun a lot like Arjun thanking Anjali to you guys.  Be smart, they will say, I will not save.

 you every time, you will be able to take care of yourself because you are very attractive and you should tell everyone about your truth.  Ask.  Until my change is complete with Preeta and Rishabh, I won't leave until then, but .

 I'm leaving.  kafi gusse mein react karta hua dikhai Dega to Anjali and will say to Anjali you wanted to tell me that your sister Vipassi is one way but Anjali you don't tell me I never tell Arjun.  Wow, she will come here, if I had known, Arjun.

 would have told you, you know, I don't hide anything from you, and on the other hand, Sameer and Srishti are seen arguing with each other.  Sameer will be very angry with people and will be seen hunting with Preeta, you will say to.

 people like Preeta, Why are you playing?  When did you guys grow up? Don't even mention Arjun's name in front of me. You know how Arjun reacts when he is in front of me. Sarshti. I have no interest in Arjun. Go away and stop.

 harassing Sameer  On the other side Kritika will say to Preeta that Arjun is a good person, how much he has helped our family.  has helped and is a very good person but don't compare.

 Arjun with Karan because there is no one like Karan now Kritika Preeta will miss Karan and Preeta will also be seen hugging and you guys very soon  Will see

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