Kundali Bhagya September 18 full episode online HD

 In the interesting episode of Kundali Bhagya, you guys are going to see Anjali cleaning Arjun's room, but Anjali is going to find a picture of Preeta from Arjun's room, which shows that Anjali.

 is very sexy. He keeps saying that I hate Preeta's name too and I don't like to hear Preeta's name, but what do I see now that Arjun is not in love with Preeta? As Arjun wanted to go to Kavya's.

 school so Arjun will be seen thinking of Preeta and Prithvi is going to follow Arjun from traveling the world as Arjun has a plan to chase Preeta. Kavya accuses Arjun, Kavya is Karan's.

 daughter, so Arjun wants to know all this, but on the other hand, Prithvi also washes his hands behind Arjun. You have to look behind you, so tell Anjali to keep an eye on Prithvi because Prith V.

 is chasing me and I don't want to distract you guys. Anjali will see Prithvi getting mad at Arjun's request but Prithvi will be seen cheating on Anjali and will reach the school behind Arjun but the


 school K's security guard goes to Prithvi and says you can't go in. Still Prithvi talks about Kavya and the security guard says my daughter Kavya is studying in ISI school and I have come to take.

 advantage. Prithvi joins the school and is going to see Preeta in the same room with Arjun as he puts Prithvi on. As soon as Arjun sees Preeta with him, he forgets his purpose because.

 Arjun is crazy about Preeta. Whenever he wants to see Preeta with him, he has to stop holding back. Kavya will also look happy to see Arjun. As you guys Kavya is Arjun's best friend When she meets.

 Arjun, she says to Arjun, handsome, I think we won't meet so soon, but Arjun has joined us, Arjun, you will go with us to our house, from now on, Arjun will show you celebrating with Kavya.

 and will tell Kavya to me. I have a lot of work to do, I can't go with you today, but I will say goodbye to you and I have to meet my mother too.

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