Kundali Bhagya September 23 full episode online HD

 In the story of Serial Kundali Bhagya Show Zee TV you guys are going to see Arjun giving a lift to Preeta which will show Preeta also sitting in the car with Arjun which makes Arjun quite happy and asks Preeta.  .  Preetha says.

 leave me at my house, I want to go to my mother's house, yes friend, Arjun's property will be seen through Sarla Arora.  Karan tamhari tera tha jee haan friends like Sankar Arjun will appear.

 quite sad and will say to Sarla you can call me Karan because I can know your feeling because I also misbehave with Karan Luthra.  Hi Karan, but he hides his true identity from everyone, even.

 Arjuna hides his true identity from his mother Rakhi because Rakhi has neither accepted Arjuna as her son nor has she told Arjuna that you are not Arjuna.  How can you be my Kiran and on .

 the other hand Preeta is also thinking that Arjun is not what he looks like because they act like Karan, whatever they want to do, Arjun likes Karan's lifestyle too.  Tera Hai and Kavya also went to.

 her father Yaani K Karan Luthra on Kavya and Arjun Don only reminds me of my husband Karan why now I don't have Kavya's service I cheat on my Karan in hello but Arjun now when I.

  Since I have met you, I can see my own light from you. Yes, friends, from the front, Arjun also has to say to Preeta that it is not difficult to understand what will happen.  It was the worst and I accepted Karan as mine and Karan also accepted.

 me as mine but Arjun further says to Preeta if this is the case, then why did you decide to do it, with which even Sankar Sarla is now satisfied.  Preeta and Arjun are at Sarla's house and they are having a fight. Sarla will see Arjun and.

 Preeta fighting and stop them.  He calls and asks Preeta where are you, but Preeta tells Rishabh that you had a meeting with Arjun today, so what happened?  Will also see soon as Arjun tells Preeta that my meeting with Rishabh has been cancelled

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