Kundali Bhagya today 29 Sep full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, everyone comes to know that Arjun is Karan, now Karan is going back together. Preeta gets married to Rishabh. Rishabh is going to divorce Preeta.  Hi Rita ji, I divorce you and you marry Karan. Karan says no, you will.

 not divorce Preeta. Preeta is now your wife and will remain yours. Before, you will not see it, Preetha.  You will keep Preeta happy, you kept Preeta happy, why can't you keep Preeta, you won't divorce Preeta. Preeta says to Karan.  Take care, now you marry Preeta. They say that we.

 are sorry for your departure. Preeta's marriage was arranged with Rishabh.  You don't want to divorce Preeta, she is Preeta's enemy, she is thinking that Rishabh has divorced Preeta, so Karan will stop marrying Preeta.  adi karun isliye vah Rishabh ko Kahati.

 hai ki Aap ko Preeta Koti Don't want to divorce Geeta says to Geeta that she Reham ko Kahati hai ki Preeta Ji Ki Bhi Koi Jindagi hai vah Koi Khilauna ushki hai ka hai ever where Rishabh has to say to Anjali.  Because of Karan's departure, I did not want to marry Preeta, I got.

 married on the advice of all the family members and now when my brother Karan has gone back, Preeta is his trust to me.  dunga Rishabh doesn't listen to Anjali's words, Karan goes to Bihar for some work, Karan has an accident, Karan's accident is very big, it is very


 difficult for Karan to escape, everyone takes Karan to the hospital, all the family members also go to the hospital.  All the family members are very worried about Karan's speech. Karan goes into a coma.  What happened? With the sound of medicines from all.

 of Karan's family members, Karan goes from coma to spring.  All the family members also agree with Karan, but Preeta's heart says that she will marry Karan.  Yes, you love Karan bhai very much. How is Rishabh? I will try to talk to Karan once again. Preeta.

 eats, don't you want to talk to Karan? Are you happy?  He doesn't even care. Preeta says that it's bad for Karan. You took good care of me. You took good care of my daughter too. You gave us both a new life and I am happy with my life.  Anjali is very happy because Rishabh.

 is not divorcing Preeta. Anjali goes to Karan's house again and again. She cares a lot about Karan's house. He respects Karan's house. I want to be Achi.  She says that Karan's family will take their own decision. Karan and Anjali's relationship to marry me is a second place. She.

 ends the relationship.  Karan's maan likes Anjali very much. Karan's maan says that Anjali and Karan will get married. When Preeta finds out about this, she can't bear it. It happens to me.  All the family members say that the ray of light is useful for a whole life.  Anjali gets ready, she is very happy, she says that I am getting what I was trying for, Anjali is a greedy and big girl, till now Anjali is not with everyone, she is 

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