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 The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya is going to be very interesting. In the episode of Yes Friends, you will see Prithvi's wife Kritika is very happy to see Prithvi with her.  are  Shirley doesn't know.

 Prithvi Plan

because Shirley is also in love with Prithvi, but Shirley is going to find out when Prithvi is hiding from Kritika.  If not, Kritika will be seen talking to her mother and will tell her mother Kareena Prithvi.

 is seen everywhere.  Sameer is going to get very angry seeing Arjun with Preeta because Sameer loves his sister-in-law Preeta very much so he will be seen quarreling with Arjun.

Karan truth

 for the sake of his brother Yani's Rishabh and tells Arjun.  You stay away from Preeta, you are heaven, Preeta is my brother Rishabh's wife, knowing all this with love for you.  My brother, you.

 can live under Karan and you can talk under Grahan, it doesn't mean that you should do anything.  Why can't you understand my sister-in-law, wherever she goes, she follows me, I don't follow .

 Preeta, but Preeta is behind me.  It is a blessing to talk to you, why are we talking like this? These friends will say to Arjun Vipreeta from now on, I also have no interest in talking.

 to you.  You are not good, you are trying to be good, Arjun will be seen saying this to Preeta, and he will also say that you cannot be a good man.  You have not changed even a bit. You are the same as you were before, and Preeta from.

 the fire will tell Arjun where you have changed. You are the same as before. You are still the same.  Will give it to you guys and you guys will also enjoy the serial Kundali Bhagya show very soon in Zee TV

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