Kundali Bhagya Today Sep 2 full episode online HD Zee Tv

 Kundali Bhagya 2nd September Full Episode Update.

   Arjun is very worried because Arjun's daughter Kavya has teased the fans in a huge song, the voice of which will make Arjun look quite sad. Prithvi also thinks why should I kidnap Arjun from here because I want a lot.

 of money from Arjun, if someone sees me talking to Arjun then it will be very difficult for me. The FIR man will never be able to talk to Arjun so Prithvi tries to kidnap Arjun but fails and on the other hand Rishabh is very happy.

 as Rishabh is offered a dance by Preetha Movaga. Arjun feels very irritated when he sees Preeta with anyone, so Arjun offers Preeta a jakar dance and says to Preeta, I have to talk to you about something urgent. As Arjun goes to tell Preeta .

 with me, Kiran and Jeeda know Jeda to Preeta, but on the other hand, Anjali is also planning to dance with Arjun. Prithvi will show a lot of trouble. Prithvi doesn't know that Anjali is naked,

 so Prithvi is going to offer Anjali a dance. No, Prithvi, you are not a good person, I don't like to dance with you, because of which Prithvi will get very angry and will say to Anjali, what do you think of yourself? And Mahesh Luthra.

 will also be very happy with it. Mahesh gets angry with Luthra and says to his son Rishabh that your father has betrayed me, your father has to love someone brother. Karna loves you, Phir doesn't care about you, you want to take care of Rakhi Luthra, after all, she is your.

 wife. We have no relationship, we are surf friends, why don't you understand Rakhi? No, friends, Mahesh Luthra will find his wife Rakhi Luthra a single heart, you have to tell in the comment section in the logo why Rakhi Luthra has got a misunderstanding.

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