Kundali Bhagya Today Sep 4 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Preeta has been kidnapped Jai Haan Doston Serial Kundli Bhagya upcoming episode is going to be very interesting Jasmin Arjun is going to get the news of Preeta's kidnapping.

 Arjun is going to see Anjali about Preeta from The Kajhhape See Logon Ko Jesi Anjali Arjun You will say what happened, now you have kidnapped Preeta, Arjun FIR, why are you bothering him?.

  Who has abducted? Yes, friends, Anjali will also be very interested to hear Arjun's story and Arjun had a crush on me. You have done all this. FIR, who could be the one who kidnapped Preetha.

 and sent her away? He will see how Rishabh will be, he will be very worried and will ask his brother Sameer to find Preeta, where is Preeta because even Rishabh doesn't know.

 anything. I have time now ISI I have to talk to you about something urgent Arjun Arjun will show you going to Luthra house with Anjali you will call the people and the world thank you and.

 will tell Arjun I heard Preeta is missing she is Arjun What have you done Arjun will look very angry to Prithvi and will say to Prithvi what are you saying I have not done anything like this Prithvi .

 ji has never had a big role in the first place. Preeta has been kidnapped and Luthra has not been home for a long time even then Mahesh Luthra calls Girish and tells Girish when Sometimes you.

 don't even stay at your work, to which Girish Mahesh says, Now I have no courage to work, I don't work because Girish Mahesh wanted to replace his old one with Luthra. The people.

 of Luthra house are trying to cheat Preeta but they haven't cheated Preeta yet Arjun will also be seen with Rishabh and Milkar is cheating Preeta and on the other hand Kavya also sees Pushni.

 look at you. Loves Preeta a lot and misses her mother a lot, but there is no sign of Preeta from anywhere, even Arjun feels that Girish is not at Luthra's house and Rakhi laughs at Luthra's house. Where does Rakhi Sankar come.

 from and says to Arjun, son Girish, it is difficult to do anything that you are thinking. People will also watch the latest episode of the show Zee TV's Kahaani serial Kundali Bhagya Kaam

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