Kundali Bhagya today Sep 4 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Kareena Luthra will see you guys walking on her servants because Kareena wanted Luthra to come home best not to work for anything. When Prithvi sees Kareena, he says in his heart that Kareena has not changed a bit, even.

 today she is still the same, she is angry. On the other hand, Arjun will see Preeta walking back and forth. You will see why Arjun always says to Anjali that I hate Preeta, but Arjun himself does not know that this is already.

 known to Arjun. Degi says to Arjun, Janki you want to stay away from my baby Preeta, mein Jannat hun, you love Preeta a lot but she is married, she will never love you. After listening to Janaki, he says to Janaki, "Who is he.

 who loves your daughter Preeta?" Why are you bothering with this? Arjun is crazy, he keeps talking about anything. And she leaves there, even then Srishti and Anjali stop Arjun and Preeta from fighting and Anjali says to Arjun .

 what is going on. You go to talk to me Arjun I don't like at all when Rita talks to you or FIR you talk to Preetha like Sankar Arjun will look like Haryana and what are you talking about Arjun.

 all It is understood that Anjali's words are heard because Arjun also now feels that Anjali has started loving me, so he tells Anjali that all this is not my thing to think about. Anjali really loves Arjun and Srishti has ever said that I.

 am not interested in your sameer I love someone else I like someone else which Srishti is not interested to know. She doesn't tell me about her heart because Anjali is in heaven. If I told Srishti, Srishti wants to tell Arjun. That's why.

 Anjali is silent. Because Anjali doesn't want to lose Arjun. Because Anjali doesn't want to lose Arjun. She is doing and you guys will also see her very soon in the show Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya

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