Kumkum Bhagya Sep 7 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the interesting show Kundali Bhagya show you guys are going to see on Zee TV, Kavya will be seen very happy with Arjun because Arjun likes Kavya very well and Arjun befriends Kavya but Kavya too being Arjun you have to make.

 friends. . Friends you don't even know that Arjun is Karan Luthra because Arjun is Kavya's father but Kavya doesn't know that and neither does Arjun know that Kavya is my daughter. Even then, Arjun .

 remembers Kavya's attitude, and Preeta will also see herself missing her Karan, just as Kavya calls her mother a baby doll. Hai Tabi Arjun asks Kavya what happened to your mom Tab Kavya says .

 to her friend Arjun My mom always behaves like this when she says main baby doll I think I don't feel like my mom. I want to do it, yes, friends, Arjun is understanding everything, because Arjun


 used to call Preeta a baby doll, now Arjun is also going to know that Preeta's heart is in love with Karan. Will be. Bahut Dukh Pahunchaegi kyunki Rakhi Luthra Arjun ko apna Beta Man Chuki hai.

 and has also told Mahesh Luthra that Arjun is my son and Kareena is also starting to worry Arjun a lot due to traveling around the world. Has spoken my brother Karan is also Arjun's star now Sabi.

 family of Luthra house is starting to like Arjun Arjun has made his place in everyone's heart but Rishabh Arjun says oh diga Rishabh will know yah Arjun Thik Nahi Hai Tab Rishabh .

 will be seen planning with his brother Milkar Arjun to get out of the heart of Luthra Ghar Sawals. Tab Sameer also supports his brother Rishabh. People will also see very soon why.

 Sameer is also starting to like Arjun because Sameer also loved his brother Karan very much and whenever Sameer favors Arjun Tab Sameer feels his love for his brother Arjun. Brother.

 has agreed and said to his brother Rishabh I will never go against Arjun nor will I let anyone go against Arjun Rishabh you know how much Rakhi Mami loves Arjun you are related to Arjun so much Rudrasha will easily come out of the heart of the person

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