Radha Mohan 22 September full episode online HD

 In the drama Radha Mohan, today it will happen that when Radha leaves home, she goes to a temple. There are some logs found in the temple. The logs of the temple say that you are a thief. They.

 go and keep Radha to remember the use and from there Mohan is getting worried that he has come later from the wrong place. Where has Radha gone? He doesn't talk to Gangan. He also.

 tells Gungan not to talk to Radha. When she left home, did she tell us and ask us? K Safid Har goes to ISI. Radha is calling Mohan loudly, and Mohan is always there to save Radha and.

 bring her home. No one will try to take Radha out of Bihar's house. She says that I am planning something like this. May God take her hand and take Bihar out of this house. Gungan hates.

 her and never goes near her. For Damini is trying to get Gungan to do her favor and all the family members have to leave their ways. Damini and her men will plan something like this. She says.

 we will plan something like this. Radha will leave the house forever. By disobeying you will never be able to see the shape of it, it is not work and his man is planning something so.

 that Radha can go to Bihar from home. Very soon Radha and Mohan will get married. Ro Ro Ke Bura HAL Hoga Damini sheds her crocodile tears and tries to commit suicide Radha Mohan and Gungan will become a family


 Mohan loves Radha and Radha loves Mohan very much She is tired, she is trying to reconcile both of them. Soon Mohan and Radha will become one. Radha and Mohan will become one. Damani will try to plan something else. Damini.

 will now become the biggest enemy. Karegi Mohan's man has seen Damani's real teasing. What I saw now is why I didn't see it before, like Damini, they will go with everyone, how much she hates Gungan, who can she go to die for.

 Gungan and who can she go to to pin Mohan. May be very soon Damani and her Maan will be known. Now I am walking from SI house. Earlier, Radha's grandmother was also not agreeing to marry Mohan. Now she also wants Mohan and Radha to get married. All the family members want Mohan and Radha to be one.

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