Radha Mohan 23 sep 2022 full episode online HD

 The second name of love is going to be in the story of Radha Mohan. In the episode of Radha's abduction, you will see that when Radha reaches Mohan's house to meet Mohan, Mohan is angry with Radha and says to you.  It was not.

 supposed to come because despite my persuasion, you did not listen to us and still you left here, Gungan is also very sad with your voice, Gungun is also very sad, Gungun, your crying, your crying, your voice, your voice.  Siva.

 is no one, Gungan's heart is attached to you and you don't listen to anyone, now what should I do?  Had no intention if Gungan loves me then I can't be without Gungan too I am here for the sake of Surf Gungan please Mohan ji let me.

 in but don't dam close to home.  Because of this, Radha remains as her brother and Radha will give a sharp look to Damani's plan.  You will not get your money. Yes, you see the gangsters killing Radha by the temptation of money


 and on the other hand, Mohan is also going to kill Radha with his heart and soul.  Mohan Pagalu's side will be seen misting its Radha and on the other side, the pumpkin will remain unknown even though it knows everything, because the.

 pumpkin is very scary and I will use you as my mother.  Kadu I'm so scared and I'm madly in love with Mohan I can do anything for Mohan's sake and I'm not doing all this alone Ismin my mom is supporting me and.

 if you support me that's even better  Friends, Mohan is unaware of Damani's intentions because Mohan does not know anything.  Damini is naked but Gangan has told Mohan that she.

 knows Damini well, she wants to ruin Radha's happiness and she also wants to leave the house, please don't listen to anything Damini says because she is jealous of Radha.  Feels and loves you

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