Radha Mohan 25 Sep 2022 full episode online HD

 Drama Serial Radha Mohan May Aap Hua Hai Ke Radha and Mohan get married now everyone in the family says that you two want to go somewhere on honeymoon when Damani finds out that Mohan and Radha are going somewhere on honeymoon. so they. .

She says no matter what happens, I will not let Radha go with Mohan. All the family members talk to Radha and Mohan that you guys are married now, you guys are on honeymoon on Johnny Moon. She doesn't want to go, because she doesn't want to steal Gungan alone, she.

 is a paradise, Damini can still do a lot, so Radha is very saddened by Gungan's voice, she tells all the family members not to go alone. He says we will leave FIR sometime, this is not the right time to go, even then Gungan talks to Radha that I will take care of you when you leave, I will.

 have food every time, I will make daily video calls with you. Angun convinces Radha to go, Radha gets ready to go, then Damani makes a plan, she calls a Gundon, she gives them the address of Radha's house and everything, he thinks Gundu is Radha's too. She informs that she.

 is not. Damini sends the goons with full preparation. She says that there will be Radha and Mohan's passport in the cupboard in Radha's room. Radha's passport is to be taken from the United Nations passport. They come home, Gundi goes to Radha's room, she takes the passport, she takes the.

 passport and gives it to Damani, Damani takes the passport and puts it away, she is happy that Radha and Mohan will take the passport to go to Subhan. Tab Radha won't have a passport so where will she go but it doesn't happen Radha and Mohan don't go for honeymoon. When Damani comes to know about this, she


 starts thinking who can it be. I have Radha's passport, so who can she go to? Even then Damani sees the passport, it is not Radha's passport but Mohan's man. They go and get spoiled by the goons, Damini once the FIR fails in her intentions, Damini says that no matter what happens, I will not let Radha and.

 Mohan be happy, even then Damini also decides to go after Radha and Mohan. She does and Damani goes back. Damani reaches Radha and Mohan. If they both get together, the reputation is too big. Damani says Radha's is mine. Pakkar rahungi Mohan and Radha are sitting by the flower, they are taking.

 photos, they are both very happy. Damani is always thinking of them. Damini is there too. Damini wants to kill Radha. Radha is happy on the side of the bridge. Damini goes alone, Damini pushes Radha, Radha falls inside the bridge, still Mohan sees Radha fall and Dauda is with Radha. Can't see the water is too deep.

 whoever goes Ismin he doesn't come back to Janda Mohan tries to go inside he wants to escape Radha whenever they go they don't let Mohan in and Radha is not even seen. There was no sound of Radha, then the police went there, Damini was secretly watching the whole spectacle, Mohan was furious with Radha, then.

 suddenly Radha's voice was heard and both hands were seen above Radha. Mohan himself goes into the water to save Radha. He can do anything to save Radha. He can do anything to save Radha. Both Radha and Mohan Sahi come to spring from the safe water and go to Damani, seeing all this, Damani is crying over.

 her fate. Why does this always happen to me? Dhamni gets frustrated in her intentions. Radha gets scared seeing all this. Radha says to Mohan that now we should go back home. I don't want to stay here. If we go back home, the family will be worried and think why did they go back and we all have to tell the truth and I can't see my family if I don't do all this. He understands a lot, he says it is only a matter of a few days, FIR, we will go home, Radha agrees

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