Radha Mohan September 14 full episode online HD

 In Radha Mohan Show Zee TV you guys are going to watch Damini tells Kadu to do good to herself, you cost me with Mohan because Kadu is Mohan's mother. Because Mohan doesn't like Damani, but.

 Damani loves Mohan very much, so she says to Kadu, "Talk to me well with Mohan. I don't like Mohan. It's good to learn how to write from Radha." Still, Mohan will never do it here. Dam, you are.

 good and heavenly. Mohan and Radha love each other very much, but Damani, you are one way between the two. Why don't you see my love, every time you look at it, you use Radha's name, yes, friends. Go far away from here but from here.

 Mohan says to his mother Kadu this can't happen I won't leave my family for this. Radha does not want to study. I will not go back. Yes, friends, Kadu is very sad to see the love of his son.

 Mohan. She loves you so much, now even Gangan can't be without Radha, because Radha is the only one who will never be like her mother. Hui dikhai degi aur aap log bhi bahut jald dekhenge .

 Jab dam nahi Radha will leave Mohan's house because Mohan himself will now start hating Radha as seeing Radha will also be quite fond Mohan also loves me a lot but Radha and Mohan.

 will be seen drifting away from each other because of Damini's words. You guys will be very sad as Kudu will be very sad because even knowing everything, Kudu will not be able to hide anything because.

 Gungan is Gungan's best friend. has been shown and you will also see Radha moving away from Gangan when Mohan talks to Radha. Hina hai Radha, you want us twice, I don't want you to ever come to our house, in fact, everyone wants.

 you to never cross the threshold of our house, Radha, we hate you, yes, seeing friends. Dakhmini Dakhni Dakhni has always wanted this, and today you will see the dream of Damini's mother come true.

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