Radha Mohan September 15 full episode online HD

In the serial Radha Mohan's story, it is going to be seen in the upload, Mohan's mother will be seen taking a big decision. Story. The star of Mohan's marriage has been prepared, with which Sankar Damani will be shown very.

 happy because this is all a plan made by Damani because Damani is now with Radha and will not be allowed to stay in the house and shown in the upcoming promo. Radha is also accusing Radha.

 of theft. Even then, Mohan tells Radha that you should leave here at ISI time, because Mohan goes into Damini's words and puts Mohan on the line. Maniga, you guys have to tell us because Radha is very sad, on the one hand Mohan


 is moving away from Radha and on the other hand Damani falsely accuses Radha and Radha's mother's death we are leaving here we are staying here. It's not right, none of us can understand, everyone thinks we are wrong, even then.

 Radha says to her mother, when we have not done anything, then we will leave here until you tell us to leave. Until then, we will not go anywhere. I believe that you are being bullied, but.

 Kudu was never like that, she used to support us by infecting us and giving me her b. Yeti believed that now it is time to write that Mohan is getting married so soon. She is not ready.

 to marry Damini, but then Radha's heart tells Radha that Mohan is not ready, so what happened, Damini is not ready for marriage. It will appear to be talking, sometimes. Radha is.

 going to leave home because you are marrying Mohan to Damani, but Radha is in love with Mohan here, don't you know? Don't fall for me, whatever we do, we will do it well for you and Mohan

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