Kumkum Bhagya September 16 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you are going to see a very violent twister, friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama has become very interesting in which Lakshmi will leave Rishi and his family where they will.

 escape. Balvinder Joy cooks it and takes it and uses it. Shalo also goes from behind. Friends, we are going to tell you, so the drama has become very interesting, in which she says that.

 she wants to say what I have to say. From role no. 10, friends, here we are going to tell you that Balvinder goes there and says to Lakshmi, why are you boys behind everyone, they are.

 all with you, but I am your life. Nothing will happen to Dunga, I don't understand why you are not going to them. The shade is the whole heaven that you used me in the hotel. The drama.

 of Hawa hai To Dostu Hide Par Ham Aap Bhehe Zahe Hain has become very interesting and in the next episode there is a twist to Dostoon Hide Par Ham Ape Bhehe Hain Ki Lakshmi who.

 is listening to all this while traveling. We are going to tell you that the policemen are also united and their whole plan is made up. He comes to talk and comes there and says to the big policeman.

 of his film that we have completed everything, now we just have the courage to do it all, so here we are telling you, the drama has become very interesting. What the media people.

 say to the policeman, what are you planning to tell us and what is being done for the people? Let me tell you what our plan is, I will tell you something now, until you tell the whole .

 world. go You don't want to. If it is done, friends, the media people here say, Kishori, they say that when all this is done, ours is done and let our policemen do their work and you do your work, here.

 we will tell ourselves. The drama is going to be very interesting. Jasmin is coming in the next episode. Lakshmi is coming. She says to Indore that you leave me and let me go. My whole family.

 is there. Rishi is the mother. Dongi Se Dostu Yaha N Fei Balwinder who is saying that you are becoming so forgetful, everyone is against you, no one is happy with you, yet you are behind them, so friends, we are here to tell you. Lakshmi.

 is the sun and she says don't go after Rishi and you stop here. Lakshmi slaps Balwinder and says you have nothing against him now to do We are going to tell you that the episode is going to be very interesting and what happens in the next episode is coming

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